December hints & tips



Poinsettias are the perfect way to bring festive colour to any home over Christmas. They’re available in a wide range of colours – such as red, salmon and cream and even bi-colours. Or what about planted bowls of beautifully scented hyacinths? Both make great presents.


Christmas trees

Remember to buy your live Christmas tree before you leave – we have a superb range to choose from including the non-needle drop Nordmann. All live trees will need watering – so buy a self-watering stand for cut trees. And a can of Spray ‘N’ Save will also help prevent needle loss. And we have a huge range of lights and decorations too.


Artificial Christmas trees

Bring Christmas to life with an artificial Christmas tree. We have a fantastic selection to choose from. And while you’re at it, check out our fabulous Christmas tree lights and decorations – you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Hedges & other bare-rooted shrubs/trees

Now’s a great time to buy and plant bare-rooted plants including hedging, fruit, roses and other shrubs. If you’re planning for next year, include a new rose bed. Or you could opt for a fruit garden or plant a new hedge for privacy and as a windbreak. Just ask any of our plant staff for help choosing the right plants for your needs.


Plan next year’s garden

This time of year is perfect for erecting fences, trellis, pergolas, arches and other garden structures. Discover how easy it is to add a new feature and explore the wide range of types and styles we have available. Just talk to a member of staff for assistance.



Bring your garden to life and make more of it by installing outdoor lighting. Many types are available including safe, low-voltage kits that are quick and simple to install and you can easily do it yourself. Put a set on your Christmas present list.


Christmas shopping

Our garden centre is the perfect place to do all your Christmas shopping. With plenty of Christmas decorations, lights and trees, together with lots of great present ideas, and ample, close-by parking it’s easier and better than shopping in town.


Structure for the garden

Is your garden looking a bit dull now? Then brighten it up with evergreen shrubs. We have a fantastic range to choose from – many of which also have attractive flowers and berries – to provide colour all year round. Get them off to the best possible start by planting with composted bark or other planting medium and adding a slow-release fertiliser.


Cyclamen and azaleas

Brighten up your home over the festive period with our superb cyclamen and azaleas. Or give some as gifts. They need somewhere cool and in good, indirect light and should be kept moist for best results. Or try our ready-made planters and baskets, which also make great presents.


Feed feathered friends for winter

Garden birds need our help throughout winter – so make sure you put out food and water every day. We have a wide range of feeders, tables and food available, so take a look at what’s on offer and help our feathered friends.


Tools for great presents

If you’re stuck for what present to give the gardener in your life, gardening tools make perfect presents. So go on, give them a new stainless steel spade or a pair of quality secateurs. Or how about spoiling them with a handy quick-change tool system? Ask our friendly staff for more ideas and advice.                                    


Protect water pipes

To prevent problems with your garden watering equipment next year, turn off the water and drain irrigation pipes and hoses before really cold weather arrives. If hoses, hose reels and other watering equipment are past their best then ask for new ones as Christmas presents.



With their glossy, evergreen foliage and large flowers in spring, camellias are the perfect way of brightening up the garden. Buy yourself some now or give them as presents. They need a lime-free soil, so if yours isn’t suitable grow them in large pots.


Plants of the month

Ensure your garden remains colourful throughout the winter with our plants of the month. There’s plenty to choose from including: winter-flowering heathers, winter jasmine, Viburnum Bodnantense, Viburnum farreri, Viburnum tinus and Mahonias. And don’t forget plants grown for their berries or colourful stems, and the huge range of evergreens that are available including conifers.


Pest watch

Although most pests and diseases are less active in the winter, it still pays to keep a close eye out for any problems and deal with them as soon as they’re seen. Houseplants and plants in greenhouses and conservatories are especially prone to attack from pests such as whitefly, aphids, mealybug and red spider mite, but can be quickly helped with a ready-to-use pesticide spray. Misting over foliage houseplants will help to keep them healthy – especially in centrally-heated homes. But the humidity in greenhouses and frames is best kept low, especially if the greenhouse isn’t heated – to prevent attacks from botrytis and other diseases.


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