Hot and dry weather gardening advice

Borders and beds

  • Always avoid watering when the sun is up, getting water on leaves during hot periods leads to scorch which will prevent the plants from functioning properly so…

  • Only water during the evening or early morning, this gives the water a chance to penetrate the soil and reach plant roots before evaporating

  • Where possible spread mulch or chipped bark on your borders, this helps reduce evaporation from the soil

Pots & Containers

  • Cover pots with gravel or mulch to help reduce evaporation

  • As with beds only water during the evening or early morning

  • Consider adding water retaining products to the soil when planting up pots, this will keep them moist for longer periods

  • If possible move containers to shadier parts of the garden



  • Don’t be tempted to continuously water your grass if it goes brown, this is it’s natural defence to drought

  • Keep the grass length a little longer than you normally would

  • Avoid wear and tear in isolated areas, such as near a barbecue. Spreading the wear will help the lawn recover quicker when rain does arrive

  • If we have some heavy rain, aerate your lawn with a garden fork, this helps to return oxygen to the soil and helps the rain water penetrate deeper into the ground


Responsible watering

  • Where possible use a watering can instead of a hose, this helps to not over-use water

  • Consider adding a water butt to your garden, when the rains arrive this will give you a natural water supply to use, and it much better for your garden than tap water



Be safe!

  • Wear a hat and/or sun block when gardening to prevent over-exposure to the sun

  • Take constant breaks and keep hydrated with plenty of fluids

  • Add a parasol or two to your garden to provide extra shade to relax and enjoy the summer weather

Above all else, we hope you remember to take time to (safely) enjoy this prolonged hot weather. Getting this much sun normally involves catching a plane, not just stepping out your back door!


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