Plant Of The Month - August - Olive

A flavour of the Mediterranean has come to Monkton Elm recently in the shape of a range of olive trees, some of which are 10’s of years old.

We had the trees shipped from a grower in Spain, and they will make a real statement in any sheltered garden.

Our large olive tree started life in an olive grove in the Mediterranean. We decided to order them in as we have seen a sharp increase in interest in plants from the Mediterranean during the past few years, particularly olive trees.

We think it is down to the fact that people are really getting into outdoor living and making the garden an extension of their homes. We have a number of different olive trees of all shapes and sizes in stock at the moment, which are perfect for bringing that little bit of the Med to any British garden.

Our climate in Britain is changing year-on-year and we are becoming a much warmer country with Mediterranean undertones, providing more and more opportunities to spend time in the garden.

Due to current economic climate, people don’t seem to be taking as many trips out to Spain, Greece and the rest of the Med either, so they are looking to recreate that feeling of being on holiday, while at home.

The olive tree is a Mediterranean symbol of hope, glory and peace that is recognised throughout the world, it was even used as the ‘eternal flame’ at the very first Olympic Games in Greece, making it a must have for any Mediterranean garden.

Olive trees like a well-drained gritty soil and the smaller varieties can be grown in pots, as well as in the ground. They like sheltered warm areas and may need to be protected from cold weather during the winter months.


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