Pet Centre Charity of the year - The Cinnamon Trust

This year our Pet Centre team have chosen The Cinnamon Trust as their charity of the year. The pet team will be holding events throughout the year, creating craft packs to make your own ‘Cinnamon the Corgi’ and even signing up volunteers to help out where needed at the trust.

The Cinnamon Trust is a national charity for the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets. They keep them together - for example, they will walk a dog every day for a housebound owner, they will foster pets when owners need hospital care, they will fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc.

Here is a bit more about the trust from one of its volunteers…

Dayna Landsborough – Winner of our Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Meg and Jet

The Cinnamon Trust is a charity organisation that is unlike any other, the opportunities that arise don’t just focus on general community work but on developing incredible relationships with another person (and furry friends!). I’ve never worked with an organisation that has been so focused on not only who and how I am but also making sure an individual is able to keep their pet at home, where they belong.

I have been walking a regal black lab for around 4 years; I would never want to imagine a life without him and his owner Meg. Jet is a character like no other; bouncing off the kitchen floor when he realises it’s me he’s spotted through the window. Now, I cannot begin talk about Jet without mentioning his jackets, his bright yellow visibility jacket for when we go for a stroll in the rain and, my personal favourite, a fluffy lined brown fleece for when its cold. He is most definitely the handsomest pup when he strides across the field. Being the incredibly social boy that he is, everyone in the local area knows him, and he cannot pass on an opportunity to let someone rub his ears. Each time we go for a walk he watches to check which pocket his treats go in, he regularly stops mid walk and just sits, looking from me to the pocket over and over, he won’t carry on unless you give him his favourite…which changes bi-weekly so you may be sat there for a while. He is undoubtedly one of a kind, and if you meet him you certainly will never forget him, but you may forget his kennel name; Wheel Marter Turmoil (I told you he was regal), as he much prefers to go by Jet.

I never imagined that, when I started walking a dog in the community, I would not only gain a furry companion but a genuine friend in their owner. Meg is a woman who has done it all, and that is no exaggeration. A Woman of The Royal Naval Service (WRENS), a mother, a workforce, the epitome of strength, she is a force to be reckoned with. You will never leave the house without a drink, be that a Capri Sun or a cappuccino, the choice is up to you. Always available to tell a story that the average person could only dream about; I am royally escorted around foreign lands, there are fond memories of her late sister, and reading her short stories (better than most published writers), she is the belle of any ball, with her perky sense of humour and ability to smile through any hardship thrown her way. I am infinitely thankful to the Cinnamon Trust for giving me the opportunity to meet a woman like Meg; I know there is no one placed on this earth quite like her. I don’t feel I can speak of wonderful people and not include a second brilliant human being; Meg’s late husband Charlie, a true cheeky gentleman with his own tales of singing with his many friends all over the globe. I was lucky enough to know him, even for a short time, and together he and Meg could rule the world (or at least Plymstock).

Volunteering with The Cinnamon Trust is more than just dog walking, it’s more than just something to boost a C.V., it’s about meeting people across generations that you would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. I have learnt so much about times gone by and have become far more understanding and appreciative of my community and all who live in it. I will never be able to describe how happy I am to have stumbled upon The Cinnamon Trust many years ago, all I can do is recommend it everyone who is looking for that little bit more out of a volunteering opportunity. You never know what astounding people you might meet.


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