Just arrived... Turbo veg plants

We’ve recently taken delivery of a selection of grafted vegetables including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Jane Earthy, Our Seasonal Plant Supervisor, says: “We have a range of grafted greenhouse crops, from our supplier, Suttons, because tests have proven the collection to be far superior to regular veggies, so much so that they are almost like designer veggies.

“Grafting is widely used in plant propagation. It consists of the tissues of one plant, often with selective features such as good roots, being fused or grafted to another plant. The latter is chosen for another characteristic, for instance the fruits or stem. The outcome is a stronger and healthier plant, able to resist disease and give significantly higher yields.

“The grafted produce has increased flavour and is more nutritionally beneficial.”

The range has proved to be a bestseller nationwide.

Jane continued: “I am happy to answer any questions customers may have about the specially developed plants give me a call on 01823 412381 or pop in for a chat.”


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