What's happening at Monkton Elm at the moment?

Good morning from Monkton Elm. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch since we have been closed. You may have seen on the news yesterday that there is a lot of concern in our industry about plants going to waste. Currently we have a small management team going into the garden centre regularly to water plants, and we also have a fully functional watering system in the outdoor area of the plant department. So there is no need to worry, they are all being well cared for!

We are hoping that our shutdown will be short and therefore our current stock will still be available and looking good when we do reopen our doors. At which time we look forward to supporting our local growers and nurseries once again, and also providing you all with the premium plants that are known for. We are not currently selling off plants or delivering. If this situation is prolonged or changes in anyway then we will consider all options and post updates on our website and social media accordingly. All of our animals are on holiday with our Pet Centre staff and from what we can tell they are having a wonderful time! Charlie is looking like she is having a wonderful time at her holiday home! You can see an update from her here… https://www.facebook.com/Monktonelm/posts/2950012128398499


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