Dibleys Nurseries at Chelsea 2017

May 19, 2017

Dibleys are releasing two new plants at Chelsea, both bred on their Nursery.



BEGONIA 'SILVER SPIRIT' is one of an innovative breeding line of quick growing begonias, a
new style combining the colourful foliage of Begonia rex with the taller growing cane
begonias. The bushy habit sees this begonia growing to about 50-60cm in height. The
mostly silver coloured leaves have a dark plum-purple and pink central star which is
complemented by a plum-purple picoted edge. The leaves can reach over 30cm in length
and are freely borne.

It can be grown initially as a houseplant and then planted outdoors iQ semi-shade for the
summer, creating both height and colour in an exotic bedding scheme.

Dibleys will be entering this begonia into 'Chelsea Plant of the Year'.



STREPTOCARPUS 'GOLD DUST'. An exceptionally free flowering variety with upright foliage
and a long flowering season of over eight months per year. The medium size~ flowers are
4cm in diameter with a ruffled edge; the strong stems have up to 12 blooms pIer

The purple and yellow markings on the flower are very unusual for streptocarpus. Once
the bloom has been open for a few days the colour on the lower lobes changes from pure
gold to speckled gold on a deep purple background.

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