Plant Of The Month - November - Skimmia Japonica

November 8, 2018



Skimmia japonica is perfect for autumn colour.   Its leathery, evergreen leaves are dark green, and the bush itself grows up to about 1.5m.


Skimmia japonica generally has either male or female flowers on depending on variety, however ‘Reevesiana’ doesn’t need a pollinating partner to produce bright red berries in clusters in autumn which remain on the bush throughout winter.


Skimmia japonica rubella is a male variety, but the panicles of deep ruddy-pink flower buds are extremely attractive in autumn, and open white in spring.  They are highly scented.


Skimmia prefer neutral to acid soil, with plenty of compost added at planting time.  Place in a semi shaded area of the garden, as too much sun can cause yellowing of the leaves.

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